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meThe right auctioneer doesn’t cost you money, he makes you money!! Charles is more than just a “bid taker”. He sets the pace and turns the auction into a fun and memorable event – one that also makes your organization a LOT of money!

Charles doesn’t just show up on the night of the event and read a script. He works with your committee up to a year in advance to assist in making it the best event it can be.

“Everyone who attended our auction gala said Charles was the best auctioneer we have ever had.He made the auction process fun and inspired giving at levels we’ve never seen before! He also gave great advice in the planning process — all of which added up to auction profits of which we only could have dreamed!” – Deb Miller, Services for Older Citizens

charleswickens-380Having worked on hundreds of charity auctions, Charles brings his wealth of expertise to help your organization raise as much money as possible on the night of your event, and help you avoid pitfalls.

You have access to his expertise in selecting and securing items that sell well, avoiding time wasting chasing unsuitable stuff, pricing and describing auction lots and setting the order of the live auction items.

Dedicated giving, fund a cause, or call it what you will, has become an increasingly important item in most live auctions. Presented properly, this can double the money raised from an event, and frequently does better than that. Charles has perfected the “Art of the Ask”, and even if you choose not to use his service, he will be happy to share some ideas if you call him.

“Charles is THE AUTHENTIC ENGLISH AUCTIONEER! There is NO one better! The audience Loved him, his style, his voice, his presence!!!!” – Pamela Ferguson on Linkedin

Master of Ceremony (MC) services

These are included free when hired as an auctioneer, and will add energy and professionalism to any awards ceremony or silent auction fund raisers.


englishpoundIn the old days when the English Pound was 20 shillings, auctions were conducted in Guineas, a guinea being one pound and one shilling, the shilling being the auctioneer’s commission. This seemed fair to me, so I use a similar structure: $350 retainer plus 5% of LIVE auction proceeds, with a maximum remuneration of $2,200.

Please ask about our week day pricing options.“I believe that the charity should be the major beneficiary of the event and my fees reflect that commitment.” (Charles Wickins personal belief)

Winspire for Auction Items

We have a partnership with Winspire ( provide interesting auction items on consignment, no payment required up front.

I do not encourage offering too many of these, as the “profit” is obviously greatly reduced by the purchase price, but they cover all price ranges, and 1 or 2 can enhance the quality of an auction, and “raise the tent”, so to speak.

Additionally, if the bidding is strong you can sell multiples of the same offering, and the winning bidder(s) are sure to enjoy great value.

Charlie’s Angels

“Charlie’s Angels”, a group of 1 to 5 elegantly attired ladies, normally dressed in Red, who mingle with the crowd, selling raffle tickets, 52 card draws, 50/50s, or any other task normally performed by volunteers.

During the live auction they act as spotters, and will willingly help in any other duties required.

They are not free, but a lot of these tasks are normally the least popular for volunteers, and their professionalism is sure to increase participation.

Associate auctioneer, Gary Mach:

machBecause I cannot be in two places at one time, I have available for you the services of Mr Gary Mach.Gary has been developing his auction patter for many years based upon his career pursuits as a media personality, corporate trainer, actor, and lawyer. Detroit area residents will remember Gary from the late 80’s and 90’s as the host of WDIV’s long running children’s science program “Kidbits.”He is also available to work WITH me as a spotter and male “Angel”.Visit his website:


Musical Entertainment

For Musical entertainment that rocks, we recommend Collision Six: create a unique experience with upbeat, rocking music accompanied by sensational visuals, including interactive lighting and charismatic performers. If you want your dance floor packed, this is the band to hire.

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